About U-SHARK®

2005--- U-SHARK first entered into China market and now has gradually become a more and more famous Fashion Expert which designed various kinds of High Quality Shirts, T-shirts, Polos, Blouses and Jackets to bring the domestic and foreign customers a different and special outlook on life of fashion!  As Dr.Martin Shoben, the Founder of London Fashion Research Center, said ″You can just find your style here, just fit you!″

1917---SHARK brand name is rebranded to U.S.A-SHARK (U-SHARK), whose logo is also updated to be “a brave shark with the background of the U.S. National Flag after the United States declared war on German;

1914--- SHARK increasingly grew during the First World War;

1912--- “SHARK” brand name was created first in 1912 by Felix and its logo was a shark in the ocean as symbol of the navy of the braveness, also hoping to move forward and never stop like the shark in ocean;

Meanwhile “SHARK” got a 5 years of the Navy's Military cooperation contract.

1900---Resigned from high sales manager of Wall Street, only 28 years old of Felix as Jessie's grandson, signed sales director of The Second Military Clothing Company of USA, and hoped to re-build family business by this very rare opportunity.

1868---“Ackerman three brothers Clothing Company” was bankrupt due to running out of cash;

1865--- Abnormal  development due to sharply declined orders of military appliances in the end of American Civil War but excessive investment & expansion  with  striking contrast to its single & weak business structure;

1861--- “Ackerman Three Brothers Clothing Company” and the Southern Federal Army of America signed a formal military contract together, to supply military clothing for the army, then the company developed rapidly during American Civil War;

1860s---“Ackerman Three Brothers Clothing Company” had become a very famous enterprise in the south of America.

1823---“Ackerman Three Brothers Clothing Company” was first established in America by Jessie Ackerman with his two brothers;


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